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A move to the Southwest? – Westcountry Property Exhibition 23rd April

A move to the Southwest? – Westcountry Property Exhibition 23rd April

Property for sale across the South West will be showcased in Fulham next month, at the Experts in Property’s next Westcountry Property Exhibition, hosted by leading independent estate agent, Lawsons & Daughters at their prestigious North End Road offices.

Property experts from throughout the South West will be making the journey to Fulham to chat to potential buyers at the exhibition on Thursday 23rd April, 1pm-5pm. the Experts in Property network has offices spanning the whole region, in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Bristol, and all types of property available, from holiday homes starting at just under £20,000 to the finest homes priced at over £1million.

According to the latest available figures from the Office of National Statistics (year ending June 2018), the South West is the third most popular destination for Londoners moving out of the area. More than 36% of people (124,751) leaving the city moved to areas in the South East, while around 24% (82,606) left for towns and villages in the East. Around 9% (30,533) of those who moved away from London in that period headed for the splendour of the South West.

The City of Bristol – with its fantastic road and rail links, airport, fabulous shopping, buzzing nightlife, thriving cultural scene, masses of history and a boom in the creative media, electronics, financial services and aerospace industries – is the most favoured place in the South West for Londoners to move to – around 18% of those moving to the region. Unsurprisingly, Bristol has the highest house prices in the area, although still a far cry from those in the Capital.

Bournemouth and Bath, Cornwall and Wiltshire complete the top five South West destinations for Londoners, while Exeter, Swindon and Plymouth are next on the list and the rest are spread around the other areas of Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

There are so many reasons for the popularity of the Southwest, particularly in its stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the capital – from the sea air and the varied landscapes to Cornish pasties and cream teas! But the biggest draw by far is the idyllic combination of a more relaxed lifestyle and lower house prices.

Just take a look at house prices (as at December 2019, using Land Registry data):

Region Overall avg (£) Detached (£) Semi (£) Terraced (£)
England 251,711 385,148 236,187 202,915
London 483,922 928,547 590,170 503,795
Cornwall 241,058 350,339 232,931 190,589
Devon 267,137 397,432 267,870 213,535
Dorset 304,410 447,332 293,132 235,122
Somerset 239,575 368,344 236,478 191,603
City of Bristol 284,313 534,499 347,541 289,547

As you can see, there is a great degree of variance in house prices across the Southwest, ranging from an overall average in Somerset of £239,575 to that in Dorset at £304,410. But, compare that to the average cost of a London home – at £483,922, it’s more than twice the price of one in Cornwall!

So, if you’re planning a move to the Southwest, pop along to the Experts’ in Property’s Westcountry Property Exhibition at Lawsons & Daughters on 23rd April – chat to the experts, find out more about the cities, towns and villages in the glorious region, and see how much your dream home will cost.

Lawsons & Daughters sits in a superb and easily accessible location on the corner of Fulham Road and North End Road, next to Waitrose, just a short walk from Fulham Broadway Underground Station.

For more information or to browse property for sale in the Westcountry, pop into Lawsons & Daughters, call the office on 0208 563 0202 or visit

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