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Award-winning Meyers expands into Shaftesbury

Award-winning Meyers expands into Shaftesbury

Brad, Meyers Shaftesbury

Meyers Estate Agents continues to roll out its multi award-winning service across Dorset with a new branch providing the family-run agency’s competitive fees and flexible 24/7 service to property buyers and sellers in and around Shaftesbury.

Meyers does things a little differently. Its ethos since its inception almost 10 years ago, is to put its clients before profit, providing them with a high-performance agency delivering a service as stress-free as possible, with an emphasis on supporting their local community. In the last decade, Meyers Estates has sold over £500,000,000 of property and has earned many accolades including an outstanding reputation for selling homes quickly at the best possible price. The agency has donated over £50,000 to local communities, has won several local and industry awards, and it also now has six branches.

The Shaftesbury branch is headed up by Brad Hansford, a highly respected local man who grew up in the town and has spent the whole of his working life on the Shaftesbury property scene, so he knows the area like the back of his hand and has superb connections with related and trusted local professionals including solicitors and mortgage advisers.

People in and around the town will have seen For Sale boards popping up displaying the distinctive and characterful fox branding, the emblem for Meyers in Shaftesbury which symbolises a smart approach to selling property. The branch already has a collection of homes for sale and expects its first of several under offer to complete very soon. It has also, just last week made its first donation of £250 to The Blackmore Vale Partnership towards its Wildlife Garden and Community Allotment Project.

Meyers was one of the UK’s first ever complete and full service 24/7 single office regional estate agencies. Now, all six branches follow the Meyers philosophy, which is designed for productivity and performance with more relaxed and efficient staff, a greater sense of community involvement and extremely happy clients with access to their agent at any time of day or night.

Brad said: “Mark and the team at Meyers HQ have been amazingly supportive. I love being available 24/7, so my clients and associates are never kept waiting, but also I’m not tied to an office so if I need to pop to the bank or book an eye test, for example, during the traditional working day, I can do it without ‘shutting shop’ or taking time off work. The flexi-arrangement is a winner for Meyers and is proving extremely successful for me and my clients.”

Meyers offers competitive fees, stand-out web and social media marketing, a smart approach and a caring attitude. The agency is a member of the Experts in Property network, working together with other independent agencies throughout the South West to reach more buyers.

To find out more or to arrange a valuation on your property without any obligation, give Brad a call on 07814 962161, or contact Meyers Head Office on 0800 849 9256. To browse property for sale across the South West, visit or

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