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Sell your home to London buyers – Westcountry Property Exhibition in London 23rd April

Sell your home to London buyers – Westcountry Property Exhibition in London 23rd April

Like it or loathe it, the fact is that people from London make up a sizeable proportion of South West home buyers.

The latest internal migration figures from the Office of National Statistics reveal that in the year to June 2018, 18% of all people who moved to the South West from other regions in the UK, came from the Capital, which is second only to the South East, where 34% of our external buyers come from. To illustrate, the table below shows the number of people who moved to the South West, and where they came from.

People moved to the South West from other regions of the UK (2017-2018)

Where from Number of people Percentage
South East 57,919 34
London 30,533 18
West Midlands 18,652 11
East 16,428 9.5
Wales 13,181 8
East Midlands 10,119 6
North West 9,449 5.5
Yorkshire & The Humber 6,998 4
Scotland 3,161 2
North East 2,487 1.5
Northern Ireland 644 0.5
Total 169,571 100%

The picture followed the pretty much the same pattern the previous year, with 17.5% of people (29,930 / 169,760) moving to the South West from London.

So, as a group of estate agents selling homes in the South West, it makes perfect sense for us to market homes directly to these buyers, in a more concentrated way than purely online.

the Experts in Property’s first Westcountry Property Exhibition of 2020 will be held in London on Thursday 23rd April at the prestigious offices of leading Hammersmith & Fulham agent, Lawsons & Daughters. Agency members of the network from across the South West will be showcasing their properties for sale at the exhibition, and many will be making the journey to the Capital to chat with potential buyers, answer questions, and match properties to their needs.

the Experts in Property holds regular Westcountry Property Exhibitions in the Capital and there is always plenty of interest from people looking to make the move for a whole variety of reasons.

So, if you’re thinking about selling, or if you’re already on the market but want to change agents, now is a great time to talk to a member of the Experts in Property. Instruct a member agent before Saturday 18th April and details of your property will be taken directly to the London market.

To find your nearest agency, look for the blue house/tick logo or visit

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