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Top 10 questions you must ask during a viewing

Top 10 questions you must ask during a viewing

Top 10 questions you must ask during a viewing 

Moving house can be one the biggest steps you take in life and it’s important you get it right. When viewing a property, sometimes your heart can overtake your brain and it’s easy to forget the simple questions you need to find out in order to make your decision. 

We have put together the top 10 questions you must ask during a valuation. 

 1. What are the neighbours like? 

You don’t want to be finding out about the neighbours when it’s too late! You can always tell by the answer you get if there is something you need to be aware of. It would also be worth visiting the area during a different time of day to gauge what it’ll be like, sometimes vendors will ask around the street what it’s like to live there but we know this is properly not for everyone! 

2. Why are the sellers moving and how long have they been here? 

You want to make sure it’s nothing to do with the area, but you also need to know that it’s not because of an issue with the house itself. You must know of any problems you may face when it comes to moving there.  If the move is happening because of any other reasons, then it’s good question to gauge the chain and roughly how long it’ll take to complete.  

Asking how long the sellers have been there is usually a good indication of how much they like the area. If they’ve been in the property for less than a year, then you need to start asking why. 

3. What parking is there? 

This is a big deal for most people – as there are more cars on the road as ever, it’s harder to find a place to park them. The answer could determine whether you should be living there. Again, it’s worth coming back to the area again during a different time to the viewing, such as the weekend to fully gauge what the parking situation is.

4. How did you come to this valuation? 

The valuation of a house is often in line with sold prices for similar properties of the same condition from around that area but there are many ways of getting this. Asking how the agent and seller came to this amount will help you figure out what you should offer and whether to ask for below the asking price. 

5. How long has this property been on the market? 

If the property has been on the market for some time (let’s say over 3 months), ask why because the answer might be very revealing. There might have been something the survey has thrown up which has put other buyers off or maybe there’s something you’ve not spotted yet.  

 6. How much will I be paying in bills each month? 

Try and find out how much Council Tax and utilities will be – if the agent doesn’t know, then they will ask the seller for you. 

7. What are the schools like? 

An important question for the parents out there. Don’t just rely on the sellers or agent’s feedback though, make sure you do your own research too. Don’t forget, the better the school, the higher the house prices will be so always check. 

8. What’s the mobile signal like and what broadband services are available? 

We’ve all gone to that mate’s house that never has any signal and it’s just the most frustrating thing! Broadband is becoming more and more of a utility as it’s so vitally important to our day-to-day live – ask what providers are in the area, investigate what speeds you’d be likely to get and how much it’ll be. 

9. When was the boiler last maintained? 

A question often not asked and one you may come to regret not asking later on down the line! You don’t want to have an old boiler that fails on the coldest day of the year. Ask how old the boiler is, when it was last maintained and if it has an active guarantee. 

10. Have there been any recent major works carried out on the property?

If yes, ask why this was carried out and if there will be any impact on you in the future. Agents must tell you of any ongoing issues with the house – remember, the previous owner is not liable for anything so it’s very important to ask this question. 

All our award winning agents can be found here – they will be able to help you with any questions you have about buying or selling your home. 


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