Top 5 Tips on How to Use Facebook For Your Business

Top 5 Tips on How to Use Facebook For Your Business

It seems every company has a Facebook page these days, but is everyone getting it right? We explore the top 5 tips on how to use Facebook for your business and what you need to do to get right.


1. Choose the right Profile and Cover Image 

Seems simple right? Well, not exactly. Lots of businesses get it wrong. The way people are going to instantly recognise it’s your brand is by using your logo (or if you’re a consultant, use a headshot). Using anything else causes confusion. 

A Cover Image is what tells the customer something a little more about your company. For example, the Experts in Property uses a short video explaining what we do (we use Vimeo & Adobe Spark for our social media video’s).


 2. Call to Action Button and Company Details 

The Call to Action button appears on the top right of your page. You could have, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Call Us’, Use App’. This makes it easier for those visiting your page because once they’ve had a look through this, they want to be able to find the next step on how to get hold of you or to find out more.

Make sure you fill in all the details about your company too. This can be found under your Profile picture on the left.

You’re able to create a short story of the company, so you could mention it’s origins, services and what you have planned for the future.


 3. It’s all about quality and not quantity 

Posting all the time is not going to get you very far, Facebook will punish you for it. Posting too many times will result in your ‘Likers’ not interacting with your page so therefore your posts will more than likely not appear on their timelines.

Remember to keep your posts relevant and entertaining.

Try not to sound too formal. Your fans want to know that there is an actual human behand these posts and not some corporate robot!  

Using videos (especially going Live), GIF’s and images improves your reach and interactions. Try and use them carefully but often.


4. Earn your ‘Very Responsive to Messages’ badge 

In order to gain this badge, you need to respond to 90% of messages with 15 minutes.

This will appear on your profile and shows your customers that you care.


5. Add Facebook to all your blog posts and website 

Facebook will give you some code to add to your website which will allow the reader/customer to click through on to your page (if in doubt, ask your web developer to add this for you). You can also do a live feed of posts on your site too.

Always remember to add a link to your Facebook page on all blog posts you put online. It’ll all help get more followers and interactions. 

Some Cool Stats 

  •  Keep your profile picture to 180x180px. This way, it won’t get stretched or blown up. For your cover image, keep this to 851x315px 
  • Best Time to Post 
    3pm on Wednesday
    12-1 Sat & Sun
    1-4pm on Thurs & Fri
    People are happier on Fridays and therefore interact more with posts.
  • An average user clicks on 11 ads a month. It’s definitely worth considering running an advert for your page to increase the amount of ‘Likes’ you have or to boost posts with a specific message. 




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