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Top 5 tips on moving house with your pets

Top 5 tips on moving house with your pets

Imagine how confusing it must be for your pets when you’re moving house, they don’t have a clue what is about to happen! They can get stressed and upset during and after the move but there are ways to combat this. We have 5 top tips on keeping your furry loved one happy during a house move.

1. On the day of the move, keep them with a trusted friend or relative

We all know that cats & dogs get under your feet so keeping them with someone you know on move day reduces stress for the pair of you! Being around loud noises and stressful situations will just make things worse for them.

2.Keep them in one room with things familiar to them

To allow your pet to settle in to their new surroundings, first of all keep them in a separate quiet room to allow them to adjust. For a couple of weeks before the move, make sure you don’t clean their bedding, the smell will be familiar to them and reduces stress. Keep their food and water close by and make sure you play plenty with them! 

3. Don‘t leave them for too long

Pets anxiety increases significantly when they are in a new surroundings and to keep them on their own for a long time in a new house, only makes it worse. For the first few days, make sure you give them plenty of attention, reassurance and for dogs, get them used to the walk they’ll be doing.

4. They are creatures of habit
Like children, pets thrive on routine. When you move, make sure that you keep to the same routines when it comes to feeding time and going for walks. This will help them settle much quicker. 

5. Update their details

Make sure you update their microchip and insurance to your new address when you move. For their tags, get new ones printed with your new details just in case they make a run for it.  

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