Top 5 Tips on Using Instagram For Your Business

Top 5 Tips on Using Instagram For Your Business

Instagram is all about showing off your creativity. This platform is massively image-centric so it’s important you make your profile stand out for all the right reasons. Here’s some top tips on how to use Instagram for your business.

1. Get creative – share beautiful pictures
Other social media platforms are there to share articles and blogs but Instagram is different. This platform is image heavy and it’s the best way to communicate with your followers. Take pictures of your products (you can touch them up with the filters), show a photograph of your team or the inner-workings of your company, sharing inspirational quotes go down very well too.

Being in the estate agency sector, it’s top priority you get yourself on Instagram. You can share the photo’s of your properties with a much wider audience. Younger buyers and tenants (usually of the 19-30 age bracket) will be checking to see if your company is on Instagram.

2. Change your content
Make sure you change what you talk about from time to time to keep the content fresh and to keep the attention of your followers. For example, start conversations by asking questions, run competitions, behind the scenes sneak peaks and motivational images. Creating brand new content is easy – the Experts in Property team use Canva, Adobe Spark and Vimeo for our ads and videos.

3. Call to Action
Instagram is a little different to Facebook in that it doesn’t really allow you to post links under your images (you can put them in there but it won’t take let the clicker go anywhere!). The way around this is to put the link in your bio or give clear instructions how to find the information they need from your site.

4. Post during the best time to get engagement
According to a recent poll, the best time to post is between 7-9pm. However, you may find that it’s different for you! Best way to find our your best time to post is to do post at different times and see when you get the most engagement.

For estate agents, it’s best to do the following:

– Post during evening and weekends
– Posting during lunchtimes is shown to increase engagement

Do Not post during 3-4pm as this has been proven to be the worst time to post.

5. Hashtags
Like Twitter, using hashtags allows more people to find your business and to promote it… for free! For example, when the Experts in Property posts on Instagram, we use the hashtags #southwestisbest for all our posts. This is a hashtag used by thousands of others too, so when someone searches for this term, we’ll come up in their feed. When you start typing your hashtag, you can see how many people are using this too, the higher the number, the better your posts be seen.

Some cool stats

There are 800 million Instagram profiles, 60 millions photos are posted daily with 1.6 billions Likes given every day

Instagram users spend up to 28 minutes a day on the platform

200 million users visit at least 1 business profile per day

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