Using Twitter for your Business – Top 5 Tips

Using Twitter for your Business – Top 5 Tips

Twitter is much more of a fast-paced platform compared to the others but is a great way to build your business and reach new people. Tweets have a shelf-life of just 18 minutes so you must make your posts stand out. Here’s some tips on how to do just that.

1. Choose the right handle, profile picture & header image 

You must make it easy for anyone trying to tag you in a post or try and find your business. Keep it simple – for example the Experts in Property’s handle is @ ExpertsinProp. Too long of a handle will put people off from tagging you due to the character limit on Twitter (max. 280). 

Your profile picture needs to be ideally of your logo to make it easily recognisable – it’s best practice to keep the same profile picture on all your social page so it doesn’t confuse your followers. 

Your header image will be an extension of your profile picture and will tell your followers a little more about your company.

2. Show off your brands personality in its Bio. 

There is a 160 character limit on the Bio section so you must be smart with how you use it. Keep it short, to the point. Show your company has a sense of humour, there’s nothing stopping you from making a joke! Brag about your company’s achievements. Add in a few hashtags which are relevant to your company so it’s easier for people who are searching for those subjects that are interesting to them.

3. Send your Tweet at the right time 

Like all social media platforms, there are optimum times to send your Tweets to get more engagement and interactions. Tweets posted on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s get more traction.

It really does depend on your audience, however Tweeting on these days between 12pm-6pm have been proven to be more effective. If you’re looking to post during the week, 12pm – 3pm works well too.   

As mentioned above, the timings really do depend on your business so just keep trying different ones and see how it goes. Once you’re more confident, you can start scheduling your Tweets. Hootsuite is a fantastic tool to do this.

4. Use Hashtags but keep them to a minimum 

First thing most people will think of when they hear the word Twitter will think of hashtags. They are a great way to find out more about a subject and any accounts to do with that hashtag.

When Tweeting, keep your hashtags to a minimum – using more than two decreases engagement. Remember to use hashtags that extend the subject of your Tweet and is relevant.

5. Add images/GIFs/videos to get more engagement 

Using these will increase engagement by 89%. If you’re posting about your most recent blog, include an image from this or if you’re launching a new product, include an image that will showcase it.

Video’s are 6 times more likely to get retweeted than photo’s which means lots more people will see it and share
it on their timelines.  

GIFs are great fun to use in the right context. They add humour to your posts and shows a lighter side to your company. 

Some cool stats 

  • Over 7,000 Tweets are sent every second 
  • There are 330 million active Twitter users 
  • 77% of Twitter users feel positive when a brand replies to their Tweet 



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